Organization Profile

Context of the Procedure

The earth belongs to us. The entire living organism must have responsibilities to be in society with mutual co-operation. When a person first born on the earth, he/she must have a target or aim to be in future. But some weakness and problems stop them and forced the innocent mind to be dead. Parents have the tights to courage to such mind of their child. Take care and help their child to step on the success of their child aim but what about those children, who are alone but have the great aim. We know that God is with them, but they need the great guidance and leader to catch their aim on this world. So, it will be great memorable and become immortal, if we becomes a one of the builder of their society.

Our project’s framework is social work, especially focusing on the orphans and needy and poor children of the country for the moment.

Nowadays, in the country there is a relevant number of orphans at social risk because they have no family, economical or social protection. This situation is a result of their poor family background, in which a parent can’t take any responsibilities due to the lack of poverty. Also by the accident happens in their family environment in which they are forced to be orphans and have to be revolved in the environment of orphanages.

Children that live in such centers often manifest several signs like: emotional instability, low school performance, difficulties in concentration and learning, hostility and aggressively, low tolerance to frustration, acquired indigestion (vulnerability/defenselessness), etcetera, that will put in jeopardy their social and work integration.

Society where moistly orphans boys and girls will have to integrate has, in general, a lack of knowledge, sensitivity, and solidarity towards them and their situation, ignoring the reality and problems they suffer.

Justification of the project:

In this context, we consider that our initiative can be useful for some of these orphans, so that they can feel supported, not only by services and/ or professionals, but also by a person who is in charge of them who, voluntarily, pays attention to his/her situation, problems, needs, anxieties…. a hard working progress will be followed for their aim by these types of children, if they know someone is prepared to do so( or willing to do so).
The relationship between the donors and the children is basically like face to face.(can communicate with the donors directly as their wants and also can use the donors support as their personal need.).This way, children have the possibility to establish a personalized relationship. Therefore, they will not necessarily see it as something “institutional”, but more like bond of family environment between the children and we. To make this bond useful and strong it is necessary that both build and define it, explicitly and implicitly from the beginning. On the other hand, it is also necessary that the relationship follow the rhythm of the humanitarian, so children does not see it as something threatening, allowing him/her to make it part of his/her environment.