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Our Needs

Our great needs are regular support. If we get regular support then our children can get fooding,lodging and good education and their facility regularly from your co-operation. And also we are planning to have our own land and house in the future for the great development of the mentally and physically status of these children. Therefore, the recent needs of these children are regular sponsoring of these children and the own land and house for these children.

We Respects Your Kind Contributions on the Following ways :-

  1. Financial Support for the Children / Regular
  2. Financial Support for the Land & Building / Construction
  3. Financial Support for the Transport / Bus for Children
  4. Financial Support for the Computers / Tranings

Children need love, care and education by some one. So, please give us hand to hand to upraise such timber climber futures of these helpless children. We think your love and care with us makes them success in their aims and bright future.