The aim of our project includes the love, education, support & care under peace and nutrient family environment and great support to the timber climber aim of the street orphanage children. Among them some are highlighted below.

  1. To provide love, care, support, food and housing to the orphanages children.
  2. To ensure that the children receive a quality education.
  3. To provide the children adequate medical care.
  4. To provide scholarship to the poor, under-privileged and needy children of Nepal.
  5. To take more responsibilities to other such types of children with providing many more facilities for children and other activities in order to make      them self relined.
  6. If the funding support becomes sufficient then job skill training, vocational and other training will be provided for the grown uyp children.
  7. We are planning to provide help to all those children who are in search of their live-hood in the street of cities and who are socially boy clotted,      abandoned by their parents, lost their parents and have no alternative of living.
  8. To increase the encouragement by which the environment of orphaned can be avoided.