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Introduction of NCWSC
Children of NCWSC
Children of NCWSC
Nepal Children Welfare Service Center is a home and great encouragement for orphans, under-privileged, poor, abandoned and needy children of the country Nepal. with the view of providing care and facility for these types of children. It is non- profitable and charitable social worker organization. This programme provides love, care, food, housing, shelter, security, education, skills and opportunity on humanitarian ground under great hospitality and homely environments.

At present situation, the home is caring 45 orphan children from the different part of the country. It was started with the 7 orphan children in the beggining of the orphanage and every year with the increasing number it has gone up to 45 children in its care. In the future with your kind help and support more orphan children from different part of Nepal will get oppertunity to be in the orphanage. Every child are getting good education and care under the safe security. Every sorrow and trouble will be kicked out from the career of the child. The home is running on the donations and individual support, which is very unable to fulfill the needs of this home for the children.

The main aim of this programmed is to raise up the innocent, socially oppressed orphan and helpless children. We can make them as a doctor, pilot, engineer, lawyer, teacher and so on whatever the child wish to be in the future. After getting good education and the vocational training the child will be self dependent then they can go out and lead the society forward and help other needy people and the children around them. In this program, the people who are backward from the society are also attending and being cared by it.

A legend of Growing : Click here to know more about Mr. Anil Kiran (President of NCWSC)