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(IVAN) is registered organization in Nepal owning the Registration number 66 / 1855. It was established on the year 2004. For more info click here

We have NCWSC branch at Nepalgunj.
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About Nepal

Nepal is a small, beautiful country, famous for the majestic Himalayan mountain range, beautiful landscapes, and rich Cultural diversity, and traditionally peaceful people. This country has long been a popular destination for visitors, Explorers, and nature lovers. In spite of natural features, Nepal is the second poorest country in the world. With a per capita family income of less than $ 240 per year, most Nepalese live below poverty level.

The majority of people still live in villages much the way their ancestors did, without running water, electricity, phones, doctors, or roads. Because of the lack of the poverty, a family became helpless and unsuccessful to bring the light of the education in their child’s mind. That’s why lots of children got helpless, orphans, needy and abandoned. So, a small project programmed called (N.C.W.S.C.) Nepal children welfare service center has been established in 2000 to give love, care, support and guardianship to these orphan, abandoned, poorest, needy and helpless children of Nepal; about which you will know much more in introduction page.


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