Future Plans
  • To provide help for very poor, socially oppressed and orphans in education and other activities in order to make them self-relined.
  • To give vocational and other training to the grown up children.
  • If we receive sufficient funds. It will be keep more children and it will be better to provide job skills training.
  • We would like to have our own buildings, own school of Nursery with bound of home it self for the children to have them enough place to play and doing extra activities to increase their mentally and physically improvement.
  • A computer for office use to keep children data, communication and their office related work as well as for computer training for the children.
  • Own bus transportation for the children on their visiting study.
  • We are planning to provide help to all those children who will be in search of their live-hood in the street of cities and who are socially boy cotted, abandoned by their parents, lost their parents and have no alternative of living.

Children need love, care and education by some one. So, please give us hand to hand to upraise such timber climber futures of these helpless children. We think your love and care with us makes them success in their aims and bright future.