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NCWSC will accept your contribution in the following ways.

  • Individual sponsor for child.
  • Donation for other necessary expenses.
  • Toys for the children.
  • Educational materials such as books, pencils, crayons, pens etc.
  • First-aids medicine such as band-ointment for wounds burns and cut.
  • Sponsor for monthly budget.
  • Donation for land, building, and bus.
  • Donation for computer training, sewing and other vocational training courses.
  • Sponsor for yearly budget.
  • Donation for clothes, shoes and other homely materials etc.

You can contribute your donation to this NCWSC bank account:

Standard Chartered Bank Limited
Nepal Children Welfare Service Center
Lalitpur Branch
C/A : 01038181001
Swift Code / I. Bank code: - SCBLNPKA
Lalitpur, Nepal

Children need love, care and education by some one. So, please give us hand to hand to upraise such timber climber futures of these helpless children. We think your love and care with us makes them success in their aims and bright future.