Shabayta Shrestha






Name: - Shabayta Shrestha
Gender : Female
Date of Birth: - 7th September 1997.
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C.: - 21st April. 2004.
School (grade) : One


Sabhayta came to this orphanage from Chitwan District, ward No. - 10 Mangalpur. Shabayata was born from young mother at the age of 14 her mother gave her birth prematurely. When Shabayata was 6 years old, her father left Sabhayata and her mother. Therefore, Sabhyata’s mother was unable to give her good care and support, education. So she brings her in our home and also she is working in the orphanage as a housemother.

Shabayata is very sweet girl. She loves to play with her friends and she also she enjoy to watch Television. She wants to be teacher in her future.

If you are interested to sponsor her then please feel free to contact us.