Ramesh Sunuwar






Name:- Ramesh Sunuwar
Gender:- Male
Date Of Birth:- 28th May 1992
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C.: – 19th March 2000
School (Grade):- Five


Ramesh Sunuwar came to the “Nepal Children Welfare Service Centre” from Magdi District, Phalate village, Ward No.# 2. His father Bam Bahadur Sunuwar is very sick. His mother Harikala left home in 1995. He have 5 members in the family. They are jobless and homeless. They don't have anything to provide his family. Therefore, Ramesh's father made application to Phalate village development committee for help supporting and education for his son. So, Ramesh was referred to the "Nepal Children Welfare Service Center" by the V.D.C. of Magdi district for shelter, food and education.

Ramesh is a good boy interested in life, loyal and co-operative. He enjoys studying and sports. His favourite game is table tennis. He wants to be a teacher in future .

If you are interested to sponsor him then please feel free to contact us.