Priya Khati






Name:- Priya Khati
Gender:- Female
Date Of Birth:- 24th July 1996
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C.: – 18th March 2000
School (Grade):- Three


Priya Khati came to the “Nepal Children Welfare Service Centre” from Chisopani village Ward No.# 9, Her father died when she was a small girl. After the death of her father her mother have to suffer a lot without job. She was helpless and in very poor condition. They were staying with the neighbors in the village. Her mother is unable to work because she is suffering from sickness for long time. Her relatives and neighbours give them some food to survive. Therefore, she made application to Chisopani village development committee for help supporting and education. So, Priya was referred to the "Nepal Children Welfare Service Centre" by V.D.C. of Chisopani for good care, education and shelter.

Priya is very good girl. She loves to dance and play dolls and badminton with her friends. She wants to be a child specialist in future and help poor and sick children in future.

If you are interested to sponsor her then please feel free to contact us.