Pankaj Arya






Name:- Pankaj Arya
Gender:- Male
Date Of Birth:- 2nd December 1994
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C.: – 6th April 2005
School (Grade):- Six


Pankaj comes to this home from Northern part of India a place called Nainital. His parents originally from far north west part of Nepal place called Baitadi. Because of their poverty and the financial critical situation his parents have to go to India to work. Not having enough to feed his children Pankaj’s father brought him in the orphanage to give him good food, housing, education and good health. Now Pankaj is happy in the orphanage with other children. He enjoys playing cricket and ball with his friends.

Pankaj is very kind and honest boy. He love playing. He also wants to be doctor in future. We wish him all the best..

If you are interested to sponsor him then please feel free to contact us.