Narendra Bohara






Name:- Narendra Bohara
Gender:- Male
Date Of Birth:- 19th January 1995
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C:- 1st April 2003
School (Grade):- Three


Narendra Bohara came to the "Nepal Children Welfare Service Center" from Ward No # 5, Tehe Village Development Committee, Humla District. His father Bal Bohara died in 1997 and then his mother re-married and staying with another man, leaving her family. Since then, she has not been heard of. Narendra was staying with his uncle, as he lived in poor condition he could not take care of his nephew any more. Therefore, he made recommandation from Tehe Village Development Committee to admit Narendra in N.C.W.S.C. for his bright future.

Narendra is good, hard-working and very talkative boy. He love to play basket ball with his friends. He wants to be a doctor in future and help sick people.

If you are interested to sponsor him then please feel free to contact us.