Esther Sunar






Name:- Esther Sunar
Gender:- Female
Date Of Birth:- 18th April 1998
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C.: – 12th April 2002
School (Class):- One


Esther Sunar comes to the “Nepal Children Welfare Service Centre” from western part of Nepal which is Banke district and the place is called Nepalgunj. Because of the conflict in the country one night her father disappear from the house and no body knows where he is. Till now no news about him. Her mother is unable to look after her daughter because of the poverty she is suffering from. She has nothing left to feed her daughter and take care of her. Therefore, She made recommendation from her village development committee to admit her daughter Esther in N.C.W.S.C. for her bright future.

Esther is sweet little girl who has great smile on her face. She loves to sing and dance. Also she like to play swing. She want to be a nurse in future.

If you are interested to sponsor her then please feel free to contact us.