About Dolma






Name:- Tenjing Dolma Tamang
Gender:- Female
Date Of Birth:- 25th Dec 1994
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C.: – 8th April 2002
School (Grade):- Four


Tenjing Dolma Tamang comes to the “Nepal Children Welfare Service Centre” from Ward No.# 1, Syabrubeshi Village Development Committee (V.D.C), Rasuwa District, which is boarder to Tibet in northern part of Nepal. Her father Karki Tamang (Babu) is in prison for 20 years. Her mother Mingmar Tamang is not able to look after her daughter because of the poor condition of her house. Therefore, Syabrubeshi Village Development Committee give recommendation to admit Tenjing Dolma in N.C.W.S.C. So, Tenjing Dolma was referred to the “Nepal Children Welfare Service Centre” for her bright future by the V.D.C. of Syabrubesi.

Tenjing Dolma is an intelligent girl and study hard in school. She love to dance as her hobby is to dance. She loves to play dolls with her friends. She wants to be a doctor in future.

If you are interested to sponsor her then please feel free to contact us.