Chanda B.K.






Name:- Chanda B.K.
Gender:- Male
Date Of Birth:- 11th Jan 1996
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C.: – 19th March 2000
School (Grade):- Five


Chanda came to this home from Kanchanpur District, Mahendranagar, ward no 15 .Her father Mr. Mohan Bahadur B.K. had left home in 1997. Her mother Mrs. Babi is suffering from poverty as they are homeless, landless and jobless. So, her mother has no idea to give survive her family. They were staying in their relatives house who used to give them some food to survive. Therefore, her mother made application to village development committee for help supporting and education. So, Chanda is referred to this home for her bright future.

Chanda is good girl. She is interested in life and loyal. Chanda enjoys dancing and sports. She wants to be a good lawyer in future. We wish her all the best for her aim.

If you are interested to sponsor her then please feel free to contact us.