About Birendra






Name:- Birendra Parki
Gender:- Male
Date Of Birth:- 16th Jan 1996
Admitted to N.C.W.S.C.: – 14th April 2002
School (Grade):- Two


Birendra B.K. comes to the “Nepal Children Welfare Service Centre” from Ward No.# 15, Gobaria village development committee, Kanchanpur District, which is in the far western part of Nepal. His father and mother left his father in 2000 and never came back home. Nobody knows where she. His father is unable to work because he is suffering from sickness who could not look after his son. Therefore, his father made recommendation from Gobaria V.D.C. for Birendra’s good care and education. So, he was referred to the “Nepal Children Welfare Service Centre” for his bright future by the V.D.C. of Gobaria.

Birendra is an active boy who loves to dance and play cricket with his friends. He wants to be a farmer in future.

If you are interested to sponsor him then please feel free to contact us.