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As Nepal Children Welfare Service Center is registered in His Majesty’s Government of Nepal and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council. Since it is recognized with the ministry of women and children welfare. It has full authority to give the children for adoption from the orphanage to the family and single mother who meet all the criteria of adoption according to the adoption rules and regulation of Nepalese law for adoption.

NCWSC gives adoption of the children who are found abandoned on the steet, found by the police and admitted in the orphanage. For those children on the first phase we look for their real parents or guardians by publishing news in the newspaper. After we don’t find any one claming the child then we look for the good adoptive parents and family for them in national and international area. NCWSC have been working for the adoption internationally since 2002.

If you are interested to make adoption of children from the orphanage then please feel free to fill and send the form or contact us.

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